Sold in aid of dogs in need

We know that most rescue homes can’t afford to buy any treats for the dogs they look after, let alone air-dried, pure beef or lamb treats.

So, every time you buy some of our treats, we give some away to dogs in need.

To date, we’ve given away 135,000 packets of treats worth around £650,000 to more than 110 rescue centres all over the UK.

Please help us to help these dogs in need.

Our treats are natural

Our treats are completely natural and handmade. All we do is take pasture-fed beef (aka ox) liver or pasture-fed lamb lung and very, very slowly dry it – locking in the flavour as we do so. Nothing is added.

Our treats are irresistible

Dogs go crazy for Beautiful Joe’s. Why? Because they taste so great and are so full of flavour.

We put farm animal welfare first

We are deeply concerned about farm animal welfare. That is why, as a business, we only use pasture-fed, free range, organic and wild ingredients. It is also why we visit all our producers. All our ingredients, by the way, are sourced in the UK and as locally as possible.

About us

We’re small, artisan food producers based in Pewsey, Wiltshire. In addition to giving away up to half the treats we make we donate 1% of sales to Compassion in World Farming. We are certified ISO 14001 (environmental management) and a member of 1% for the Planet. The company is carbon neutral.

How the free treats help dogs in need

Every few weeks we make up special packages of our delicious, 100% natural treats and deliver them to rescue centres recommended by our customers. They are used both as treats and as training aids (thus helping dogs to find new, forever homes). Many rescue centres are also now selling Beautiful Joe’s, which is a double win as they not only raise extra cash but can also claim the free ‘give away’ treats for themselves.

Why we are called Beautiful Joe’s

‘My name is Beautiful Joe, and I am a brown dog of medium size.’ Thus opens the autobiography of Beautiful Joe, a real-life dog who lived in Canada in the 1890s. Beautiful Joe’s life story (he was rescued from a brutal farmer who had cut off his ears) became the subject of a best-selling book and its author, Margaret Saunders, devoted her life to championing the rights of animals. As, in our small way, we also aim to champion the rights of animals, we decided to name our dog treats after Beautiful Joe.