Our Story – Beautiful Joe's

And in one of those all too infrequent flashes of inspiration we get, we saw that our treats would be the perfect one-for-one product.

After a certain amount of experimentation (which our dogs definitely enjoyed) we worked out how to produce the perfect, air-dried liver treat on a larger scale, built a swanky new drying room and were up and running.

You Buy One, We Give One

So far, we've given away 116,292 packets of treats to 110 rescue homes

The Mission

Every few weeks we make up special packages of delicious, 100% natural liver treats and deliver them to rescue centres recommended by our customers.

They are used both as treats and training aids (thus helping a dog find a new, forever home).

Many rescue centres are also now selling Beautiful Joe’s, which is a double win as they not only raise extra cash but can also claim the free ‘give away’ treats for themselves!

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Why Beautiful Joe’s?

Beautiful Joe was a real-life dog who lived in Canada in the 1890s. He was rescued from a brutal farmer and became the subject of a best-selling book.

Its author, Margaret Saunders, devoted her life to championing the rights of animals. As, in our small way, we also aim to champion the rights of animals, we decided to name our dog treats after Beautiful Joe.

Our Other Work

Raw Food Diet

We’re small (we refer to the size of our company not to our height) artisan dog food producers based in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

If you’re interested in natural, raw feeding please visit our separate website Honey’s.

We are concerned about all animal welfare and in addition to giving treats away, we donate 1% of sales to Compassion in World Farming.